Mayor Pete Wants To Use Spy Cameras To Hand Out Tickets In Disturbing Ploy

( )- Wildly unpopular Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is facing fresh criticism over his new plans to expand the use of what he calls “safety” cameras on roads across the country.

On Thursday, Buttigieg introduced a new plan that he claims would prevent people of color from dying on American roads.

Yes, you read that right. Buttigieg thinks that installing cameras on our roads will stop some kind of systemic problem whereby “people of color, Native Americans, low-income communities, and people in rural areas” are being killed on the roads.

What about white people who die on the road, too?

Curiously, Buttigieg didn’t note how people from lower-income areas and non-white Americans are more likely to commit traffic crimes or receive tickets. Data shows how Black Americans are the most likely ethnic group in the country to receive tickets for violating the rules of the road.

Perhaps that’s something Buttigieg should think about addressing before spying on America’s drivers.

Under the new plan, the federal government would begin installing “safety cameras” as a “proven safety countermeasure.” It’s a system already used in many European countries, notably the United Kingdom, where cameras are used more often than local cops to ensure people don’t break the speed limit.

Breitbart notes that road safety cameras also pose a risk in terms of political corruption, citing how Redflex, a company that supplied the many red-light cameras used in Chicago, reached a settlement of $20 million with the city of Chicago and a non-prosecution agreement with the Department of Justice after it was revealed that the company had engaged in bribery.

What do you think – does America need cameras spying on drivers?

Or would community outreach do a better job of ensuring people follow the rules of the road?