“Mayor Pete” Posts Photo From Plane After Rumors About His Travels

(RoyalPatriot.com )- After a Fox News report revealed that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg frequently flies privately on the taxpayer’s dime, he posted a photo of himself flying commercial.

Buttigieg wrote that, according to the staff, this was his 99th flight of the year. He was looking forward to visiting our Volpe Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where the USDOT is conducting vital research to improve the nation’s transportation system.

Reports show that Biden’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, has taken at least 18 flights on private jets paid for by US taxpayers.

Tom Price, Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, was forced to resign after taking 26 private flights in 2017.  But Pete Buttigieg flies on private jets while lecturing Americans on the merits of making sacrifices for climate change.

According to an interview with Caitlin Sutherland, Americans for Public Trust (APT) executive director, Americans face flight cancellations and long wait times because Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has mismanaged air travel.  However, he can avoid this by using taxpayer-funded private jets to travel to destinations where commercial airlines are readily available.

Sutherland remarked that for someone so morally superior in reducing emissions, Buttigieg doesn’t seem to mind the pollution caused by his literal jet-setting. This is the height of hypocrisy, and these troubling costs to taxpayers require immediate scrutiny.

In 2021, Buttigieg used government-managed private jets to travel from Washington, D.C., to Las Vegas to promote public works projects in Nevada.  Buttigieg also used a private plane to travel to multiple states in August as part of a tour highlighting Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act-authorized grants. During his “Building a Better America Tour,” he traveled by plane to Florida, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada, and New Hampshire.

In recent federal elections, the majority of the states Buttigieg visited were deemed swing states. When asked about his decision to travel to these states, he stated that Oklahoma is not a swing state and that the infrastructure grant he was promoting there “had a great story.”

Why didn’t he tell Oklahoma his “great story” in a Zoom meeting?