Massive Recount Ordered In Lauren Boebert Race

( )- Despite the fact that Democrat Adam Frisch conceded his race in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District to incumbent Republican Representative Lauren Boebert, the election will head to a recount anyway.

This week, the secretary of state in Colorado, Democrat Jena Griswold, ordered the recount for the race in which Boebert was ahead by only 550 votes.

Many media outlets, including The Associated Press, said the race was too close to call. They said they will wait for the final results from the recount before declaring a winner in the race. The recount was expected for a while now, even though Frisch conceded and admitted that it would take all but a miracle for him to win after a recount.

Boebert underperformed considerably in the election, as she was initially considered to be a lock to win her race again. Part of the reasoning for that was that re-districting in the state made her district even more Republican than it had already been.

But, that never came to fruition, with many voters in the district not wanting Boebert to return to office, apparently.

A little more than a week after the elections were held in early November, Boebert declared victory, while Frisch also conceded. When he did so, he also said that a recount in the race was very unlikely to ultimately alter the results of the race.

Unfortunately for him, Boebert and the voters in Colorado, the race will go to a recount due to Colorado’s election laws. Recounts are triggered automatically any time the top two candidates of a race are separated by a margin of votes at 0.5% or below that. The margin of victory for Boebert was only 0.34%.

All but one of the 27 counties in the Colorado district will now test the tabulation of their machines before they rescan every ballot that was cast. San Juan County hand-counts all its ballots and will conduct a manual recount of the ballots for the race.

All of the recounts, no matter how they are conducted, have to be finished up by December 13.

Despite the recount, Frisch said he isn’t at all thinking that he has a chance to win, and he doesn’t want his supporters to have “false hope” that the election results could change in his favor after the recount.

In fact, he wanted to make sure that many of the donors who gave small amounts of money to his campaign didn’t try to donate more of their hard-earned money chasing what he called a mirage.

As he said this week:

“Colorado elections are safe, accurate and secure. Please save your money for your groceries, your rent, your children and for other important causes and organizations.”

For his part, Frisch believes that the close results of the election with Boebert was actually a victory for him and a loss for her, even though she’ll be returning to Washington. He said recently:

“I think one of the reasons we did well is people saw me as authentic and sincere in an environment that’s not always looked upon that way. And, I know that the chances of more than a handful of votes changing in the Colorado state election process was almost zilch.”