Massive Airstrike Hits Ambulance As War Intensifies

( )- The governor of Mykolaiv Oblast posted a video on Facebook claiming that a children’s hospital was hit when Russians bombed the area on Monday. The footage shows an ambulance getting hit during the attack at the hospital that left at least two people, including a child, dead.

The two killed at the hospital were among the eleven confirmed dead during Monday’s attack that also hit a bus stop and a shopping area. Another 61 people were reported injured.

According to Reuters, the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) said in a statement on Tuesday that its Ukraine team was visiting the hospital at the time the Russian bombings occurred.

The head of MSF’s Ukraine mission said there were several explosions close to the hospital and as the team was leaving the area, they saw at least one dead and others injured. The windows of their vehicle which was parked outside of the hospital had been blown out by the blasts.

The MSF team saw several small holes in the ground after the strikes that, according to their statement, looked consistent with the use of cluster bombs.

Medecins Sans Frontieres has previously said it received “credible reports” of several instances of Russian forces using cluster bombs in populated areas of Ukraine.

Cluster munitions are bombs with a hollow shell that detonate in mid-air.

The facility is a cancer hospital in a residential area in eastern Mykolaiv that contains many medical facilities. It has also been treating those injured in the ongoing war.

Reuters reported that it has been unable to verify the details of what happened on Monday.

According to the World Health Organization database, there have been 89 attacks on medical infrastructure in Ukraine since Russia began its invasion. The database does not indicate which side was responsible for these attacks.

Russia has consistently denied that it is targeting civilians or civilian infrastructure.