Mass Raids Launched In Germany Over Online ‘Insults’ Against Elected Officials

( )- A disturbing report from Der Spiegel, a German newspaper, repeals how the German government is now prosecuting its own citizens for insulting elected officials – raiding the homes of hundreds of citizens who committed thought crimes and insulted politicians on the internet.

Yes, this is real. And it’s happening in a Western country.

As part of a wider effort to prosecute the so-called “criminal content,” German authorities have targeted the authors of more than 600 statements published online. Hundreds of apartments and houses were raided on Tuesday, looking for evidence relating to the statements. More than 100 people were interrogated across 13 different regions of the country, all of whom were accused of posting “hateful” comments about politicians.

A statement from the Bundeskriminalam, which is the German federal criminal police office, said that “railing against elected officials is outlawed in Germany and warranted a so-called ‘joint day of action.’”

The fact that this can happen in Germany, a modern, Western, European country is a sign that this could very easily happen right here in the United States. After all, Germany’s government is as decidedly left-wing as our government in the U.S.

The statement adds that Section 188 of the Criminal Code was used to justify the interrogations. The law was changed in spring of 2021, and makes insults, defamation, and slander of people in political life “particularly punishable.”

See the full, shocking report here.

Why isn’t the mainstream U.S. press talking about this?