Mark Zuckerberg Is Obsessed With With Issuing Global Currency Through Facebook

( )- According to a report from the Financial Times, Meta – the parent company of Facebook run by Mark Zuckerberg – is still very much interested in creating its very own digital currency.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Facebook tried to create its own currency, either. You may remember back in 2019 when Facebook announced the “Libra” cryptocurrency. It cold a fairly frosty reception and was later rebranded as “Diem,” but was then showdown in February of this year.

You probably didn’t know about it because most people weren’t enthralled by the idea of using Facebook as a bank, but it looks like Zuckerberg wants you wrapped up in his Meta ecosystem with a currency designed by his team.

Zuckerberg, whose company is also attempting to build a virtual reality known as the “Metaverse,” reportedly wants his company to explore the “least regulated way to offer a digital currency.”

It’s OK when left-wing tech execs want to avoid government oversight, but Elon Musk is criticized for literally every little thing he does? Interesting.

Meta employees are currently, according to the report from the Financial Times, currently exploring ways of implementing a digital currency in a way that will require the least amount of government interference.

When asked for comment on the story, a spokesperson for Facebook told Breitbart that they have no updates to share and that the company is always looking for new product innovations.

“As a company, we are focused on building for the metaverse and that includes what payments and financial services might look like,” the spokesperson added.

You know what that sounds like, doesn’t it? Not content with controlling what you say online, Meta wants to control everything you do and say in the Metaverse – and if Meta has control of your digital money, they’ll control what you do, say, and buy in the Metaverse too.

Read the full report here.