Mark Zuckerberg Confirms A Whopping 18 Million Posts Were Removed Without Warning

( )- During an interview with CBS This Morning’s Gayle King on Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the social media giant has so far removed eighteen million Facebook posts which Zuckerberg claims contained “misinformation” about COVID-19. However, Zuckerberg would not say how many times these posts were viewed or shared.

What concerned Zuckerberg the most, however, was that Facebook isn’t catching everything. Zuckerberg told King that Facebook is looking to improve so that perceived “misinformation” doesn’t remain available on its platform.

In other words, that eighteen million isn’t all the “misinformation” on COVID, but only those which Facebook’s systems have detected.

This seemed to alarm Gayle King – as did the possibility that those eighteen million posts have been viewed by far more than eighteen million people. King expressed concern that this “misinformation” might be affecting people’s actions “and Facebook is being blamed for that.”

Oh noes!

Zuckerberg understood her concerns, but the only number he could provide her was the total number of posts, not the total number of poor, misguided people who might be affected by it.

It was clear from the interview that what alarmed Gayle King was not Facebook censoring users, nor the White House demanding that Facebook do so. No. What alarmed Gayle King is that Facebook hasn’t done more to censor people.

This is an all-to-common narrative among those who claim to be part of a “free press.” Though probably nobody would ever call Gayle King a “journalist,” she is a news personality. Yet these people whose entire career is dependent on the First Amendment have no problem campaigning to deprive American citizens of their right to free speech.

CBS This Morning proudly explained that more than two billion people have viewed Biden Administration-approved COVID “authoritative information” on Facebook. So a member of the so-called free press is crowing about the reach of Administration propaganda.

CBS may as well move its studio to Pyongyang or Beijing.

Watch Zuckerberg’s interview with Gayle King HERE.