Marco Rubio Calls On Biden To Allow Sailor To Play NFL

( )- Florida Senator Marco Rubio has stepped in to defend former Navy football captain and cornerback Cameron Kinlay whose request to delay his service was denied, meaning his dream of playing in the NFL was put on hold.

The former captain, who was the first person in his family to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy as an officer, learned that he wouldn’t be able to attend training camp with Tampa Bay’s Buccaneers. He had been signed as a free agent despite a strong performance at the rookie camp.

Senator Rubio learned about the news and announced on Twitter that he would be asking President Joe Biden to step in and allow Kinley to pursue his career in the NFL before he begins any service commitments.

Rubio also said that he intends to pressure the Secretary of the Navy to also commit to this.

Rubio clarified that Kinley isn’t looking to end his commitment to the Navy, and actually intends to promote service to the nation from one of the biggest stages in the country – the NFL.

He asked the president to grant Kinley’s waiver to play in the NFL and use it as an opportunity to send a message to future graduates from the economy that America allows people to follow their dreams and also stay true to their commitments.

So far there has been no comment from the office of the President or the Navy on whether the request will be granted.

It’s a tough one for the new Democrat president, who doesn’t see eye to eye with Senator Rubio on very much at all – and lately, Democrats have not been in the mood for bipartisanship.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Biden is willing to throw Kinley under the bus for the sake of spiting Republicans.