Marco Rubio Calls For Cut Ties

( )- Marco Rubio, the Republican senator from Florida, is urging various agencies with the federal government to sever any ties they have with McKinsey & Company, a well-known management consulting firm.
This stance Rubio is taking comes after reports were made public that the consulting firm is allowing their employees to participate in what could only be described as instances of conflict of interest.
Employees at McKinsey are allowed to consult for the Food and Drug Administration while also rendering services for various large pharmaceutical companies at the same time.
In a press release he sent out on Wednesday, Rubio expressed his disdain for this arrangement by saying:
“McKinsey & Company’s entire business model is to profit from undisclosed conflicts of interest. We know the company has been doing this with opioid producers and federal regulators, which underscores the massive danger posed by McKinsey’s work for both the Chinese Communist Party and vast segments of America’s national security infrastructure.
“The Chinese Communist Party poses an existential threat to our nation, and McKinsey cannot be trusted. Every federal agency should immediately cut ties with the company.”
Rubio also has sent a letter to Bob Sternfels, the managing partner of the firm. In it, he said McKinsey flat out lied to his staff and to him multiple times about their relationship with the CCP as the Chinese government.
Back in 2020, Rubio sent letters asking for clarification about whether the work McKinsey was doing for the U.S. government ended up informing work they ultimately did for China.
Rubio said that the company “failed to address fundamental questions on whether McKinsey’s work on behalf of the United States Government informs its work on behalf of any client in China.”
He continued:
“McKinsey’s refusal to answer those questions takes on new importance given reports that ‘a McKinsey consultant highlighted the firms’ work for the F.D.A. and stressed ‘who we know and what we know.’
“Previous reports make clear that McKinsey’s ‘work with both the Pentagon and powerful Chinese state-owned enterprises poses a potential risk to national security that federal agencies can no longer ignore.'”
A recent report from the House’s Oversight & Reform Committee confirmed that McKinsey worked for manufacturers of opioids such as Purdue Pharma at the same time they were working with the FDA.
According to the report, at least 22 consultants at McKinsey worked for the manufacturers and the FDA, “including several of McKinsey’s senior-most partners in the health care and regulatory practices.”
Even worse, the committee was able to gather evidence that showed McKinsey shared some information they received when working with the FDA with some of their individual clients — some of whom were in the private sector, such as Purdue Pharma.
The House committee wrote that their evidence found McKinsey “utilized their government contacts and experience to showcase the firm’s value to opioid manufacturers and solicit private sector businesses.”
Other documents the committee obtained suggest “that McKinsey may have sought to use its influence with government clients to advocate for policy positions or selectively share information with government officials that benefited its private sector clients.”