Marco Rubio Asks For Fauci To Be Fired

( )- Appearing on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” last week, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined the chorus of Republicans demanding Dr. Anthony Fauci lose his job.

Accusing Fauci of “getting high on his own supply,” Rubio pointed out how the COVID Pandemic offered the lifetime government bureaucrat the opportunity to become a national figure.

“He enjoys, I think a little bit,” Rubio added “the celebrity that’s come with it.”

Rubio argues that, in light of the recent revelations from the Buzzfeed email report coupled with his quest for celebrity, Dr. Fauci has “lost a tremendous amount of credibility among the American people.”

Last week Fauci was interviewed by Chuck Todd on MSNBC, and Todd asked Fauci if he was in any way concerned that the attacks against him would “discredit” public health officials “to the point of . . . look at Russia! They actually have a good vaccine and none of their citizens will take it.”

Contrary to ridiculous claims like Chuck Todd’s that Americans are not permitted to criticize Fauci for fear of discrediting “public health officials,” Rubio believes it is Fauci himself that has “done very significant damage” to public health officials. Rubio warns that if America gets hit with another pandemic, Fauci’s lies and cover-ups during the Covid Pandemic will likely make it far more difficult for public health officials to gain the trust of the American people.

As to Fauci’s repeated claims that these attacks on him are actually “attacks on science,” Rubio tells MacCallum that it is Fauci who is “actually doing harm to science.”

Watch Rubio on Martha MacCallum HERE.

In addition to Senator Rubio, Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn and Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) are also demanding that Dr. Fauci step down. Like Rubio, Blackburn and Cotton believe Fauci has lost the confidence of the American people.

And if Fauci will not step down, Blackburn believes President Biden should fire him.

Watch Marsha Blackburn on Fox’s “America Reports” HERE.