Man’s Cliff “Prank” Video Almost Catches Him Dying

According to a report, a startling video was uploaded to Reddit which showed a prankster jumping over a fence at Bryce Canyon in Utah and almost sliding off a precipice.  A man can be seen running up to a railing, leaping over it, and landing on his feet, only to slide down the hill close to the edge.

Thousands of people on social media saw the post, and hundreds of comments criticized the foolishness. 

The man in the disturbing clip stands near the fencing, looks back at the camera, and then decides to go forward with the act.  A lady enters the picture, soaking in the breathtaking scenery next to the guy who sprints to the precipice before gripping the fence and launching himself over.  He balances on his feet after he hops over the fence one leg at a time.  He lands on his feet but then tumbles backward down the slope toward the vertical rock wall.  As he begins to slide near the edge, the lady screams out something in a foreign language.  The video ends with the guy lying on the precipice with his arms extended. 

According to a park spokesman, the man’s safety was at risk, but so was that of everyone passing by on the pathways below the cliff.

Park spokesman Peter Densmore said they were extremely grateful that no serious harm occurred, given that this happened at one of the park’s most visited overlooks and the stunt dislodged debris onto the extremely trafficked Navajo Loop below.

Densmore expressed his worry that other park visitors could attempt to emulate this prank for the benefit of social media. They have put up barriers, signs and posted rules to ensure everyone’s safety and the preservation of this unique area. 

Densmore noted that most Bryce Canyon National Park visitors engage in lawful and respectful recreation.