Manhunt Underway After Bandits Open Fire

As innocent onlookers ate breakfast and carried on meaningless small talk, four assailants rushed out of a red automobile and opened fire on a Dallas retail center.

Dallas police released surveillance footage on Wednesday showing four masked individuals rushing across the parking lot while brandishing guns at an oblivious audience.

Moreland Smith, 51, was there for breakfast when he was shot and killed. He was Stephanie Sharpe’s brother.

22-year-old Jamarcus Irving was also murdered.

A month after Christmas, the four individuals who terrorized the mall just after 9 a.m. are still at large.

In the hopes of receiving several tips, the Dallas police department published the security footage on Wednesday.

As two guys conversed in the background, the shooters entered the parking lot of the mall in a red Nissan Sentra, creating an eerie silence across the complex. Finally, the vehicle came to a halt. There was a burst of gunfire just as the assailants leaped out.

They were all dressed in black. One of the black-clad individuals stood out, sporting a distinctive hooded sweatshirt with white text and stars on the front. The fourth one was dressed entirely in gray.

Dallas is becoming increasingly more violent. There was a fifteen percent rise in the murder rate in Dallas over the previous year.

As of January 24th, 2024, the City’s crime analytics dashboard recorded 12 criminal homicides. The victims had a median age of 25.5 and were overwhelmingly men of African American or Hispanic descent.

For years, DPD has been trying to reduce violent crime, but they haven’t been able to do much due to a severe lack of personnel. A city analysis suggests a force of 4,000 cops to guarantee public safety in Dallas, but the agency only has about 3,000 officers. Spending on police in other high-crime towns, such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, is far more than the $654 million allotted to DPD this fiscal year by City authorities.