Man Who Shot Ronald Reagan Books Concert In New York

( )- The man who shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981 in a failed attempt to take his life has reportedly turned his life around, calls himself a singer-songwriter, and has reportedly announced that he will be performing at a concert taking place in New York City this summer.

In a tweet, Hinckley announced that he would play at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn, New York, on July 9. He also said that a number of “special guests” would also be there, and encouraged people to get their tickets.

The New York Post reported how Hinckley, who is now 66 years old, made a YouTube account as part of his efforts to become a star in the music industry. Dozens of videos have been uploaded to the account including some of him recording songs he wrote himself.

“May Your Dreams Come True,” one song is titled. “Can’t We Get Along,” ironically, is another.

Not only is the man singing songs online about positivity and happiness, and not only does he has his very own gig in the Big Apple, but Hinckley even announced plans to launch his own record label named “Emporia Records.” The label is expected to launch with an album of 14 of his original songs.

Only one month before the gig is expected to take place, Hinckley will be granted unconditional release after spending three decades living in a psychiatric hospital in Washington.

You can buy your ticket from the Hotel’s website and social media for $20…if you want to take the risk.