Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Goes Viral With Special Statement

( )- Last week, former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, who killed Osama bin Laden during the Abbottabad raid, tweeted that twenty years after the 9/11 terror attack, “the Taliban controls Afghanistan. The guy who killed bin Laden is on a no-fly list.”

Now, O’Neill is not on the government’s official no-fly list. He is still able to fly, just not with Delta Airlines.

Back in August, O’Neill posted a picture of himself aboard a Delta flight not wearing a mask with the message, “I’m not a pussy.”

A few days afterward, O’Neill tweeted that he was banned from flying on Delta for posting that picture.

A Delta spokesman later confirmed that O’Neill was banned, citing the airline’s mask requirement.

The American corporate media went ballistic over O’Neill taking a picture of himself without a mask – mostly because the media have become middle school hall monitors and tattletales.

CBS News used the occasion to attack O’Neill’s credibility, saying that “others” were pointing out that O’Neill’s “claims” that he was the SEAL who killed bin Laden are “controversial and have been disputed.”

It’s ridiculous really. O’Neill snaps a selfie without a mask on and the media’s response is “Well, oh yeah?! You didn’t even really kill bin Laden!!!”

They’re absolutely childish.

The point of O’Neill’s 9/11 tweet was all about the irony. Despite all that blood and treasure expended over the last twenty years, that Taliban’s grip on Afghanistan is tighter today than it was twenty years ago. At the same time, twenty years after the 9/11 attack, it is Americans who are treated like terrorists – even for something as innocuous as taking a selfie without a mask on.

Unfortunately, irony often goes over the heads of those on social media.

During an interview with Fox News before the 9/11 anniversary, O’Neill said that one of his chief concerns twenty years later is that Americans seem to have forgotten what the struggle against Islamic terror was all about.

He told Fox News that instead of “yelling at each other on social media,” people need to realize that there is an enemy that wants to kill us.

And thanks to Joe Biden, who treats Republican governors and the “unvaccinated” worse than he treats the Taliban, that enemy has regained a stronghold in Afghanistan.