Man Who Attacked Tourist Couple in Hawaii Was Released a Month Earlier

Americans across the nation have experienced an increasingly volatile political climate and serious tensions and division. In the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd by law enforcement officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the spring of 2020, massive civil unrest ensued in cities across the nation. The group “Black Lives Matter” staged massive protests, and in many cases things became violent. Cars were burned, stores robbed, public and private property damaged and destroyed, and assaults committed. The widespread protests were encouraged by leftist politicians and activists who wished to further their agendas which included serious criminal “reforms” and a general “defunding” of police. 

While tensions remain high between the general public and police, crime has risen everywhere. It appears that with each passing day, things get crazier and crazier in America. In a most recent development, a man in Florida shot and nearly killed his roommate when she suggested that he remove many cats he had living inside with him from their residence. The story is bizarre. In another development in relation to a western nations judicial system, a man was allowed to get off “Scott-free” after murdering his girlfriend while being under the influence of the psychedelic drug LSD. This dangerous precedent was set by a court in Wales, (United Kingdom). Jordan Brodie Miller now claims to have schizophrenia, and a twenty year original prison sentence was overturned. 

In Hawaii, another sad development occurred when a couple on vacation was carjacked by a criminal who had been released from prison just a month earlier. Alex and Justin Lucero were exploring Haleakala volcano on Maui when a criminal hunted them, seizing their valuables and a rental car. They were able to flee into the woods and hide, and for over a day remained reclusive. Eventually they found a park ranger who had a suspect in mind. Christopher Helmer was arrested and had done something similar in May 2024.