Man Steals Car, Runs Over Woman’s Foot in Marketplace Scam

The automobile that a Coles employee was attempting to sell on Facebook Marketplace ended up running over her foot, rendering her unable to work for months.

A guy who identified himself as Caleb swiftly expressed interest in purchasing the Holden ClubSport that Grandmother Rebekah Streader had to sell in order to help support her family. They scheduled for him to come to her Melbourne house to look at the car, but things went south fast after that.

Streader supposedly let him take the keys when he requested a test drive, but he succeeded in locking the doors before she could get in. In her last ditch effort, she begged him not to steal her car.

The victim, a grandma, was taken to the hospital after her foot was crushed as the thief crushed it with her car.

Rebekah Streader, from Shepparton, Victoria, put her beloved Holden Clubsport up for sale on Facebook. The unmarried mother said she received messages from a man interested in her car shortly after she posted it.

The man showed up at her house after arranging a test drive; Streader’s ‘Ring’ doorbell caught his arrival.

Streader’s Ring doorbell missed the injury, but her son, who was fifteen years old at the time, saw it happen.

Following the event, which resulted in a fractured foot, the grandma underwent two operations.

They have also informed Ms. Streader that she will be unable to walk for a number of months.

Now, the woman from Shepperton is begging Facebook to beef up its security. The fact that the individual could not be located leads the grandma to suspect that he was utilizing a false Facebook page.

The guy, according to Ms. Streader, had a medium build, stood at 170 cm, and sported a goatee.

In order to assist the grandma financially, friends have launched a GoFundMe page.

Since then, Streader has had two operations this week, and she will be immobile for months while her foot recovers from the trauma.