Man Killed After Being Struck By Roller Coaster While Searching for Keys

Since president Joe Biden entered the oval office in January of 2021, things have been tumultuous for the United States, both domestically and internationally. Unsurprisingly, following the president’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan later that year (2021), Russa aggressively invaded Ukraine (Winter 2022), and the Chinese and Iranian nations have been emboldened, taking assertive actions in terms of international politics. In September 2023, the Chinese Communist government in Beijing issues yet another statement, threatening future conflict if the United States continues to support Taiwan. 

Last summer, North Korea, a nation which has often positioned itself as a “rogue actor” in international affairs, launched missiles in a military simulation. Following the launchings, the nation released a statement, saying the latest actions simulated nuclear assaults against neighboring South Korea. The report from Pyongyang also alleged that the military had been rehearsing procedures for a future occupation of the southern Korean nation. The country has assertedly and repeatedly tested nuclear missiles over the years. While North Korea has threatened to go “nuclear”, in Chernobyl, Russia, it appears that wild wolves infected with severe radioactivity due to the nuclear fallout have been developing resistances to types of cancers. These wolves have been exposed to six times the radioactivity considered to be at the safety limit to humans. 

While nuclear scares and radioactively-resistant wolves may certainly be some of the more bizarre stories an individual reads in these tumultuous days, another shocking and tragic incident occurred in the United States recently. The summer season is usually filled with fun seasonal festivities, and amusement rides and thrill parks are often on the top of that list. One man lost his keys on a ride at Kings Island Park in Ohio. After being told he must wait till the end of the day to retrieve them, he disregarded warnings and ventured into restricted areas near a roller coaster where he was struck and later died at a hospital.