Man Has Medical Emergency After Wauwatosa Police Tases Him

A 37-year-old Wisconsin man is in critical condition after suffering a health issue following being tased by police officers. Wauwatosa Police confirmed that the suspect was tased where he then suffered a “medical emergency”.

The Wauwatosa Police Department released a statement that explained that an incident occurred this past Wednesday around 8:38 p.m. at Pinelawn Memorial Park which is located on the border of Wauwatosa and Milwaukee. In the statement, authorities stated that the Wauwatosa Fire Department witnessed a physical altercation between two individuals at a Memorial event inside Pinelawn Memorial Park, which also houses a local cemetery. Wauwatosa Fire Department quickly alerted local police to take control of the situation and serve aid to anyone who may have been injured.

Once local officers arrived on the scene, the lawmen attempted to separate the two fighting individuals, in which one of the persons involved became more aggressive by refusing to comply with the officer’s demands. One officer attempted to separate the said individual by leading him away from the scene, where the individual then resisted and attempted to punch the officer with his fists. The second officer then used his taser gun on the suspect, which quickly allowed officers to fully apprehend the individual.

Authorities stated that once the man had been placed into custody following the tasing, it was evident the individual was in medical distress and needed paramedic assistance. Paramedics on the scene realized the detained person had no pulse and was not breathing. Then, paramedics performed life-saving tactics, which led to the man being transported to a hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

The Waukesha Police Department of the Wisconsin county with the same name is the lead investigative agency surrounding the situation. Following the altercation incident, three officers involved in the situation have been placed on administrative leave. Chief James MacGillis has spoken out in support of his fellow lawmen during this time.