Man Faces Charges For Biting Child Like a Vampire

According to accounts, a guy in Harris County, Texas, “sucked” and “bit on his neck like a vampire” after luring a 10-year-old child into a bathroom.

Colton Tyler Ryan, 27, had installed the Facebook Messenger software on the boy’s cellphone and communicated with him at all hours without the mother’s permission. The child’s mother also stated that she had seen Ryan circle their apartment building.

On October 13th, when the 10-year-old was playing outside with pals, he allegedly dragged him into a bathroom and made him take a photo with him.

The boy told police that Ryan raised his voice and pushed him to take the photo with him. The victim said the defendant bit and sucked on his neck like a vampire, causing him anguish.

Ryan was arrested and put into the Harris County Jail on a $50,000 bond after being charged with injury to a child, a third-degree felony.

The state filed a bail request claiming that the 10-year-old victim informed police that the defendant “singled him out, removed him from his buddies, and forced him into the restroom of the apartment complex gym as the group was playing. The motion states that while in the lavatory, Ryan photographed himself and the boy “with their arms around each other’s waists.”

Harris County District Court Judge Beverly D. Armstrong claimed that Ryan took the boy’s phone while he was in the restroom, downloaded the Facebook Messenger app, and then used the app to communicate with the child and insist upon another meeting.

The boy’s mother alerted the authorities after discovering the text messages on her son’s phone.

According to the state’s accusations, the defendant also sought to undermine the mother’s legal custody of their kid.

Judge Armstrong set Ryan’s bond at $50,000 based on the alluring charge alone. The injury charge bail hearing has not yet occurred.

If he escapes, authorities will place restrictions on him, such as preventing him from communicating with the victim, keeping him at least 1,000 feet away from places where children congregate, keeping him at least 100 feet away from the victim’s home and school, and prohibiting him from using social media.