Man Declares Loves For Girlfriend Who Shot Him

The ex-girlfriend of an Ohio man who shot him in the testicle has been forgiven, the victim said.

According to local reports, Charlie Glenn said that his ex-girlfriend Tonya Nester, 36, invited him to go for a walk, and he discovered that she was carrying a weapon.

According to Glenn, he said not to go anywhere with her if she had a gun. The woman took out what she said was a pellet pistol and shot him when he demanded to see it.

According to the police, Glenn managed to pry the revolver away from Nester as family members dialed 911. Glenn was wounded and bleeding.

Glenn described the wound during the 911 call. He said it went into his testicle and through his butt cheek.

The report states that after the shooting, Glenn’s friend Paul Carpenter hurried him back to his home so that Carpenter could check on his friend’s injuries.

According to Carpenter, he was told by authorities that the situation was not life-threatening, and they informed him that he was OK.

A member of Glenn’s family claimed to have seen Nester flee the home and go into an alley. A report said that officers apprehended Nester when they caught up with her around half a mile from the residence where the incident occurred.

Carpenter expressed his dismay at the actions of the woman. Whether they were having relationship issues or not, it is terrible that she would do anything like that.

Nester, according to Glenn, takes medication for an undisclosed mental illness.

He claims all he wants is for her to get well, not an apology.

Glenn told the local media that he still loves her.

Nester is free on a $100,000 bond. She was scheduled to return to court on December 12th to face a charge of felonious assault.