Lottery Winner Went To Work Before Scratching His $1M Ticket

Last week, a man from California won $1 million in the lottery, but he didn’t find out he had won until he got home from work, according to a local report.

Vang Cha is a frequent player of the California Lottery. After researching the odds of winning with SuperLotto Plus, he decided to spend $30 on a California 200X scratch ticket instead.

According to the report, Cha scratched out 20 tickets at work but failed to win any money. Cha then went to his job and didn’t get home until late that day to finish scratching the other ten tickets.

According to the media source, Cha’s winning number was in the last column of the final ticket.

In other developments, the Mega Millions jackpot was won on Tuesday night after going without a winner for 31 consecutive drawings. The world record jackpot of $1.58 billion was won by a lucky player in Florida.  

Reports show that, across the United States, there were a number of $1 million prize winners.

Before rewards have been claimed and tickets are checked for authenticity, it is impossible to determine all the winners.

The ticket was bought at the Zain Mini Mart of New Castle in Lawrence County. The shopkeeper will get a $5,000 bonus for selling the lucky ticket.

An Oklahoma man who played his local lottery thought he had won $10,000, but he really won $1 million. After checking his ticket, Larry was in for a big surprise, as verified by lottery authorities. 

A report shows that when Larry went to the Oklahoma Lottery Winner Center to collect his prize, he discovered the great news.

His ticket for the $1.35 billion lottery drawing was bought at a QuikTrip on August 4 in Tulsa.