Lockheed Martin Caught Forcing Executives To Be Lectured About White Privilege

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Lockheed Martin, the biggest American military contractor, was revealed last week to be taking part in an inside woke educational agenda that forces its employees to be lectured about social justice issues and the “white male privilege” conspiracy theory.

The “White Men Caucus” established by the company is reportedly an effort to help employees identify examples of white male culture, and to teach white men in the company that they are marginalizing people from outside of their racial group even when they don’t know they do it. It’s likely a result of the company’s executives being primarily white men. They were forced to participate in a number of games and exercises.

One such exercise, according to reports, was a word association quiz that required company bosses to say the first words that came into their mind when they heard the phrase “white men.”

Let’s see…how about… “victimized,” “falsely accused,” “smeared,” and “belittled.” The teachers wouldn’t like it if they’d have responded with that, would they?

Sadly, that’s not what they said. Reports suggest that executives responded with words like “Aryan Nation,” “KKK,” and “privileged.”

It’s literally an example of self-hate and indicates how the left doesn’t want white people to feel any pride in themselves at all.

Since when does being white immediately put a person in the same camp as the Aryan Nation or KKK?

The seminar also reportedly forced executives to chant “internalized statement of white privilege,” which sounds an awful lot like cult behavior and indoctrination. The aim of the sessions was to make straight white men in the company recognize that they value success and self-discipline above all else…as if that’s a bad thing.

Course teachers also said that the participants should learn that they should not force those aspects of “white culture” – namely self-discipline – onto other people who don’t value hard work as much as they do.

This is insane asylum level stuff.