Little Boy Targeted By Police For Not Showing COVID Papers

( )- In late December, a video that went viral on social media showed a mother and her young child being kicked out of a Queens Applebee’s by officers from the NYPD’s Strategic Response Group.

According to the Queens newspaper The Sunnyside Post, protests over the requirement to show proof of vaccination to enter bars and restaurants were taking place on two separate nights at the Queens Center Mall where the Applebee’s is located.

And during the protests, a group of anti-Vax Mandate activists entered the Applebee’s on both nights, taking up several tables. When restaurant staff denied them service for refusing to show proof of vaccination, the protesters refused to leave. So Applebee’s called the police and the NYPD’s Strategic Response Group arrived at the restaurant to clear the protesters.

During the first night of protests, six protestors were arrested at the Applebee’s. On the second night, four protesters were arrested for criminal trespassing and led away by police.

It was during these protests that police also removed the mother and her child.

In the video of the incident, an officer can be heard telling the woman that she had to exit the restaurant if she didn’t have a vaccination card. When the child grew agitated, a protester shouted that the officer was “traumatizing a child.”

Another officer told the protestors that if they don’t leave voluntarily, they would be charged with trespassing, adding “this will be your only warning.”

The mother and her child were not arrested.