Lindsey Graham Responds To Biden Admin. Restrictions

( )- South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham called out President Joe Biden and his administration on Tuesday for placing heavy new restrictions on Americans while allowing illegal aliens to flow into the country with virtually no checks.

On Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Senator Graham said that the administration is “completely deaf, dumb, and blind” to the problem that is being created by COVID-19 spreading via illegal immigration.

He noted that there are travel bans remaining with some of America’s top allies, who have robust healthcare systems – notably the United Kingdom – but there is no system in place with regards to illegal aliens who are pouring over the border, and who have no access to health care.

Well, they do have access to health care…they just get it for free from American hospitals.

Senator Graham said that he is asking the Biden administration to have an accounting for how they plan to deal with the million illegal aliens who are coming across the border, and how they will test the people who are ultimately released into the United States.

He added that it doesn’t seem to matter to the Biden administration that Americans living in border communities are being exposed to COVID-19 via huge numbers of illegals who cross the border every day.

The comments come as the president announces that all federal employees will be required to take the COVID-19 vaccine, and that he supports the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control that even vaccinated people should be required to wear masks when in public.

And we thought the Obama administration was bad…could we ever have imagined it would get this bad?