Lin Wood Gives Up Law… Right Before 2024 Heats Up

Lin Wood, the Donald Trump ally who supported his 2020 stolen election claims, is making the choice to retire rather than face disbarment, according to The Daily Caller. Wood reportedly gave up his law license in a letter to officials in Georgia on July 4. In a Telegram post to his supporters, Wood announced his decision to retire rather than face “disciplinary charges.” 

Wood has been a licensed attorney for over 40 years. He began in 1977 but gained his popularity, albeit not all positive, in the wake of the 2020 election. When Trump claimed widespread voter fraud and systemic abnormalities in elections, Wood decided to file legal challenges alongside Sidney Powell. 

In August 2021, a district judge sanctioned both Wood and Powell, along with other pro-Trump attorneys, for challenging the election results. District Judge Linda Parker claimed that the attorneys should have investigated the issue more and called their lawsuits “frivolous.” She then had the lawyers investigated to possibly revoke their licenses, ordered that they pay all legal fees accrued by the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan, and ordered that they attend ethical classes on filing suits. 

Parker also claimed that the lawsuits were disingenuous and were not about fraud but about “undermining democracy,” which is a talking point most often parroted by Democrats. 

To avoid the disciplinary trial Georgia officials were mounting against him, Wood put in his request for retirement. The trial was subsequently dismissed. The Office of General Counsel responded to the request, stating that it has “achieved disciplinary action” because Wood is no longer allowed to practice law. 

The Supreme Court has also denied reviewing any of the cases about fraud that reached them. On January 6, 2023, they denied hearing Brunson v. Adams (2022), according to American Pigeon