Liberals Are Burnt Out As Election Looms

The New York Times reports that as the 2024 election draws near, anti-Trump supporters deal with fatigue. They won the presidency in 2020, and in 2022, they had a good showing in the midterm elections. But this year, the enthusiasm has waned because these voters find it exhausting to keep up with it. 

Joe Biden is trying to energize Democrats against Trump by painting the former president as a democratic existential danger, but the message isn’t connecting with voters.

Concern over Biden’s age cuts across political lines in the United States. Some Democrats have failed to sustain their anger against Trump, a mood that has persisted for almost a decade. Voters in the United States consider Biden to be “too old” (86% vs. 62% for Trump) in the run-up to the 2024 election, according to a poll by ABC News and Ipsos. In a study conducted in September by Yahoo News/YouGov, over 40% of Democrats and 26% of Republicans expressed “exhaustion” on the 2024 race.

Several conflicts have persisted during Biden’s administration, including the border issue, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the conflict between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas. Among Republicans and conservatives, more than 85% were highly motivated to vote in the 2024 election, in contrast to 3/4s of Democrats and liberals, as seen in a recent CNN survey. According to Democratic strategists and pollsters, Trump is the most inspiring as well as scary candidate for the presidency.

Many are optimistic that their supporters will become more politically active as the general election approaches and news of Trump’s legal issues breaks. This optimism is fueled by excellent performances in previous battles, including special elections. When Republicans are desperate to reclaim power, they are more prone to use the phrase “extremely motivated.” Polls reveal that traditional Democratic voters are becoming more disillusioned with Biden due to his stance on Israel, which is causing the party’s standing to decline.