Liberal Reporters Seen Getting Chummy With Jen Psaki On Camera

( )- Remember during the vice-presidential debate last year when a fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head?

At the time, far-left activists on social media suggested that the fly was a symbol of the devil and other weird things. They mocked Pence relentlessly, even though he didn’t know the fly had landed on his head.

If anything, it said more about then-Senator Kamala Harris for not telling Pence in a light-hearted way during the debate.

But that’s what Democrats are like. And during a White House press briefing with Press Secretary Jen Psaki this week, the double standards of the left were on full show.

When a fly landed on Biden’s Press Secretary’s head, reporters immediately pointed the fly out to her, allowing her to quickly swat it away from her head.

Do you think journalists would have done the same for Kayleigh McEnany, Sean Spicer, or Sarah Huckabee Sanders if it had happened to them?

You can see the incident in the clip below.

Psaki swatted it away and joked that at least it’s not a cicada, referring to a moment earlier this month when a cicada landed on President Joe Biden’s back as he was preparing to board Air Force One to travel to Europe.

The Cicadas were so abundant at that time that a charter flight prepared for journalists to Europe had to be canceled and a whole new plane prepared as the insects had gathered in huge numbers on various components of the plane, rendering it inoperable.