Liberal Journalist’s Private DMs Show LibsOfTikTok is Still owning her

Writing for the Washington Post, Taylor Lorenz, the left-wing bully who outs people’s identities so the rabid left can attack them, is upset that Elon Musk is paying for content creation on Twitter.  She reported that Twitter had begun rewarding content creators by sharing ad revenue. Twitter has never done that before.

Lorenz, who famously cried when she was attacked by the right (in a fit of supreme hypocrisy), is again crying because the first people to benefit from Elon Musk’s initiative appear to be prominent far-right influencers.

She seemed jealous when she reported that earnings were given to Ian Miles Cheong, Benny Johnson, and Ashley St. Clair on their Twitter feed.

She reported that several important personalities on the political right have come forward to admit they are participating in the program. Andrew Tate, who was just freed from prison on charges of human trafficking and rape, claimed on Twitter that he received more than $20,000.

Per her personality, Lorenz then took a petty swipe in the dark at people she felt might not have been paid. She wrote that not all notable right-wing Twitter writers seemed to participate in the ad revenue-sharing program. (She had no idea if she was correct or not.) And she aimed her poison pen at Chaya Raichik, author of Libs of Tik Tok (LOTT), a woman Lorenz “doxxed.” Lorenz revealed her name, religion, employment, and where she lived.

Before her WaPo piece, Lorenz contacted LOTT in a direct message on Twitter, trying to glean information. It didn’t seem as if it was a journalistic endeavor as much as it was abject jealousy that a person she tried to destroy was doing better than ever.

Raichik, once again, got the better of Lorenz in an entertaining exchange that you can read HERE.