Liberal Icon Says Children Should Have Something Made For Them

( )- What is it about Leftists and their obsession with sexualizing children? Last week a British fashion reporter created blowback on social media after she suggested that children should be introduced to “entry level porn.”

Flora Gill, who covers fashion for GQ and the Sunday Times Style Magazine tweeted that someone should create porn geared to children. Gill said that young teens already watch porn, but what they’re watching is hardcore porn that shows them “a terrible view of sex.” Her solution is “entry level porn” – a soft core website for teens in which the porn actors all ask for consent “and no one gets choked.”

Surprisingly, Gill couldn’t believe the blowback she faced. After she was hit with angry replies, Gill attempted to clear things up by explaining that by “children” she meant 14 to 16-year-olds, as if that somehow made her suggestion less perverse.

Gill continued to try and dig herself out, explaining that she wasn’t serious. Walking back her initial tweet, she explained that “obviously” what she suggested “wasn’t an actual solution” to a real problem.

It didn’t help.

Finally, Gill deleted her initial tweets then begged those tweeting out screenshots of the deleted tweets to stop, saying that “if someone quickly deletes a tweet, it shouldn’t be screenshotted and shared like… just let it die, you know?”

But it isn’t as if Flora Gill is the only Leftist kook looking to sexualize children. It’s become so common place, even the New York Times came to the defense of a elementary school counselor who was showing five and six-year-olds a video about masturbation, ostensibly to teach these kindergartners about “porn literacy.”

In its defense of the porn-teaching counselor, the New York Times made a similar argument as Gill’s – namely, parents may not want to believe it, but many of their teenagers are already watching pornography.

But five to six-year-olds are not teenagers.

As the Left usually does, the New York Times directed its ire, not at the “sex-positive educator,” but at the outraged parents who pay tens of thousands of dollars to send their children to the elite private school teaching their children this kind of garbage.