Leftists Want To Cancel Joe Rogan Over His Joke About California

(RoyalPatriot.com )- This week, leftists pretended to be outraged at a joke by podcast host Joe Rogan on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” in which the host poked fun at California’s lax criminal laws.

In a segment of the program, Rogan and comedian Tom Segura talked about the rising homeless issue in Los Angeles. Segura pointed out that it’s against the law to relocate a homeless person’s possessions, even if they are clogging up a space and creating a nuisance.

On the podcast, Joe Rogan described a deck of porta potties on an underpass. He saw a car parked partly on the sidewalk and the street, blocking half of a lane. There was a canopy draped over the car and stacks of miscellaneous items around it.

Tom Segura noted that he didn’t know that by law, homeless persons’ items on the streets were protected property.

Rogan was surprised at his comment.

Segura then explained that if someone were to try to move their items or take them away…

Rogan interrupted and remarked they would be arrested. He found it hilarious that on the other hand, they would not be arrested if they shot someone. He joked that maybe they should just shoot the homeless people. Nobody does anything about violent crime in LA anymore. They’re just letting people out, Rogan continued, calling the situation a f***ing joke.

Segura was referring to a federal court decision that barred the city of Los Angeles from taking or burning “bulky” things like shopping carts or beds that belonged to the homeless without a warrant or notice.

Reports show that an anonymous lefty feigned outrage, calling Rogan and Segura a couple of rich f***s smoking cigars and criticizing people at their rock bottom.

Variety online magazine pushed the attempt to cancel Rogan over the comments. Variety got in touch with Los Angeles community leaders who work with the homeless to have them publicly disparage Rogan. They wanted to spread the rumor that Rogan was encouraging violence against them.

The left always shoots the messenger. Sometimes, it’s a circular firing squad.