Leftists Attack Thanksgiving As Holiday Of Imperialism

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Millions of Americans will enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family this week, cooking a delicious feast and watching football. However, a pervasive demonization of the well-liked holiday has crept into the media and educational institutions, with claims that Thanksgiving is about “genocide” and “imperialism.”

To decry the celebration, MSNBC presented Native American activist Gyasi Ross on the Saturday before Thanksgiving in 2021.

He claimed that the settlers brought genocide and violence rather than biscuits and stuffing.

The previous year, Jason Johnson, a regular contributor to MSNBC, struck a similar chord on the November 21, 2020, episode of “AM Joy.”

Johnson said that because they don’t particularly like the idea of what Thanksgiving represents, a few people he knows refer to it as “Colonizer Christmas.”

College campuses have also been affected by this mentality. As students left for a break in 2013, Barnard College emailed all of them: “Cheers to Turkey Week! Thanksgiving may be challenging. Please keep in mind that this occasion honors both the American empire and genocide.”

The New Yorker made this connection between Thanksgiving and historical wrongs in America in 2019, writing that glowing over the tenacity of the white Pilgrim founders diverts attention from the brutality of Jim Crow and racial violence and ignores the fundamental significance of African enslavement.

In a 2021 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, it was emphasized that “Thanksgiving isn’t exactly a holiday we should celebrate. There is no concrete proof that native people were even invited to a feast. They probably worried more about colonization and land theft than they did about mashed potatoes.”

Geoffrey Dickens, director of media analysis at the Media Research Center, explained why the media and Hollywood are against the holiday in an interview with FoxNews.com digital – “Many journalism school graduates have been exposed to the Marxist, anti-American mindset that is promoted in university.”

That’s it in a nutshell.