Lawmaker’s Wife Blasts Barbie Movie Over Ken Portrayal

A summer hit, Barbie, has one viewer advising others to avoid it because of the male lead’s “beta energy.”

Ginger Gaetz, the wife of representative Matt Gaetz, the Florida Republican, took to social media to share her dissatisfaction with the film, posting a photo of herself and her husband at a premiere. She was dissatisfied with how the film portrayed Ken and how little emphasis was placed on faith and family.

This weekend, one of the year’s most anticipated films, directed by Greta Gerwig, will open in cinemas across the United States. In the first live-action film based on the fashion doll, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are Barbie and Ken, respectively. The film adds a feminist twist to the Mattel doll’s origin narrative by showing Barbie disillusioned with the challenges of being a woman in the real world.

Gaetz said that Gosling’s performance in this film has a high level of beta energy. A man with beta energy is submissive, weak, and docile.

While sharing images of herself and her husband in Barbie attire at the premiere, Matt Gaetz’s wife warns her fans to avoid the film.

On Twitter, Ginger Gaetz shared her disappointment with the much-anticipated movie. She complained that the film skirts around important issues like religion and family and that Ken’s character is underdeveloped.

Ginger and Matt Gaetz attended the film’s Monday night DC premiere at Britain’s Embassy.

Both members of the pair sported pink ensembles in honor of the event. Ms. Gaetz was photographed smiling while posing inside a giant Barbie box.

Reviews of the picture have been less than stellar.

The script’s move away from Barbie’s emphasis on looks has been acclaimed, as has Margot Robbie’s performance. Conversely, Conservatives have attacked the film for what they see as its “woke” and “feminist” message.