Lawmakers Introduce Bill Allowing Higher Ethanol

( )- A bipartisan group of lawmakers put forward a new bill on Wednesday that would allow the sale of gasoline that contains 15% ethanol all year round, following a court ruling that canceled regulations that ban it.

The D.C. Court of Appeals ruled earlier in July that a Trump-era policy implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency, which allowed the sale of ethanol gas blend fuels to be sold all year round.

The reversal of the Trump-era rule meant that corn farmers and business owners in the ethanol industry were hurt. Previously, the industries had made money thanks to the sale of higher-blend ethanol fuels all year round.

It’s just one of many Trump-era rules that have been nixed since President Joe Biden and the Democrats took control of the government, but it’s proved to be such a terrible idea that even some Democrats have gotten on board with bringing back the rule.

One Democrat working to bring back to the Trump-era rule is Senator Amy Klobuchar, the former Democratic presidential candidate and rumored runner-up to be President Joe Biden’s vice-presidential pick.

Klobuchar said that over the last three years, E15 gasoline being made available to car users all-year-round proved to be good for the farmers, drivers, and even the environment. She said that it is “critical” for the bipartisan legislation to be brought back to promote a “greener future,” but stopped short of acknowledging that this was President Donald Trump’s plan from the start.

The change in policy was announced by the EPA in 2019 as part of a plan by the Trump administration to help Midwest farmers increase revenue. Under the Clean Air Act, however, the sale of fuels with higher volatility in the summer months were banned to stop smog.

If the new bipartisan legislation works, it will mean that fuel with up to a 15% ethanol blend will go back on sale, helping farmers and also helping the environment.

It’s win-win!