Lawmaker Dead In Feiry Car Crash

( )- After a wrong-way car accident on a highway, a state representative from Connecticut has died.

The New York Times reported that Middletown, Connecticut, Democratic Rep. Quentin Williams, 39, was killed in a collision on Route 9 early on Thursday.

According to the Connecticut State Police accident report, Williams’ car was hit by the other driver, driving on the wrong side of the road.

Kimede Katie Mustafaj, the driver, was 27 years old. She, too, perished in the collision.

Williams’ automobile was “completely engulfed in flames,” according to police who arrived at the crash site.

According to his biography on the website of the Connecticut House Democrats, Williams, who went by the moniker “Q,” started his career in public service on the Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission before working as the city treasurer.

He is listed as participating in more than a dozen neighborhood charities and organizations.

Quentin “Q” Williams, a state representative, loved to serve and was a leader.

He helped the community theater and mentored children.

After attending an inaugural ball, he was returning home when the fatal incident happened.

Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, sent sympathies to Williams in a tweet.

Murphy said, “Terrible news today of Q Williams sudden death. He was a great friend, a present and future leader, and a kind, graceful presence that made everyone around him better. What a loss. I’m sending every good thought I have to his family and friends today.”

Ben Florsheim, the mayor of Middletown, expressed his sorrow over Williams, stating that the community had “lost its biggest, brightest smile.”

According to Andrew Gross, a spokesman for the AAA, wrong-way driving on highways and turnpikes is deadly since the impact speed is twice when two automobiles meet head-on at 50 mph or more.

“Every area we spent with him radiated with the sound of his laugh, grin, and presence. His demise is a real loss for our community, according to Florsheim, who was quoted by NBC News.

“Today, a light has been dimmed.”