Lauren Boebert Is Facing Legal Trouble Right Now

According to, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has been sued for defamation by American Muckrakers, a group that has been at odds with the congresswoman for a long time and has made some dubious claims about her.

The American Muckrakers PAC, a Super PAC that takes aim at prominent conservative politicians like Boebert, has done so on many occasions. Some of these allegations include that Boebert is dating preacher and country musician Sean Feucht, that the congresswoman used to work as an escort, and that she has had many abortions. 

Last year, a CNN fact check said that the network had aired “multiple false claims” regarding Boebert, including those related to his supposed escort employment and abortions. Co-founder David Wheeler said they had published some “inaccuracies” but still stood by their story.

Reports show that Wheeler is now suing Boebert for slander. According to the complaint, Boebert slandered the plaintiff during an interview on Sean Hannity’s radio program in 2022.

In her appearances on Hannity’s program and her social media posts, Boebert accused American Muckrakers of lying, but she didn’t file a lawsuit against them. 

Jarvis Best, an attorney, reviewed a Twitter complaint and deemed it not convincing. The proof of American Muckrakers’ claims is limited. They relied on a Twitter account that contacted them via a private message, and the source claimed they were told about the narcotics and prostitution rumors from someone else. Additionally, the image of Boebert portrayed as an escort does not resemble her. 

The source was told that Boebert was using meth, working as a stripper and prostitute, and had undergone two abortions.  According to a Twitter thread, the information was passed on from a friend to her daughter. 

CNN reported last June that David Wheeler admitted the super PAC made errors by publishing many of their assertions about Boebert.

During an interview, Wheeler acknowledged that the super PAC needed to improve its vetting process before publishing information. Wheeler also stated that the super PAC is open to apologizing to Boebert for any inaccurate information it has published so far.