Laura Ingraham Tells RINO “You Guys Got Played” By Voting For Socialist Spending Bill

( )- The so-called “bipartisan” Infrastructure bill negotiated by ten RINOs and ten Democrats that is now being debated in the Senate has finally been written down. And those who have actually taken the time to read the monstrosity – something most members of the Senate won’t bother doing – are deeply alarmed by what they’ve found.

Sure, there are single spending items here and there that are actual “infrastructure” spending. But on the whole, the 2,700-page behemoth is chock full of garbage.

Monday, Fox News host Laura Ingraham invited on her show Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA), one of the ten RINO Senators responsible for negotiating this garage, to justify Republicans supporting this massive spending bill.

Their exchange got very heated.


Yes, Bill Cassidy posted that video to his YouTube channel himself — because apparently he was proud of his performance. Which says a lot about Bill Cassidy.

Notice that Cassidy keeps going back to the same two items in the bill — $110 billion for broken down bridges and $65 billion for broadband expansion. The entire bill is $1.2 TRILLION. And all he can cite to defend voting for it is a measly $175 billion in spending?

Odd that Cassidy doesn’t even realize how absurd he sounds. To claim that the country has to be saddled with $1.2 Trillion in spending just to get the $175 billion projects isn’t much of a defense.

Nor is his claim that passing this monstrosity will somehow prevent the Democrats from passing their $3.5 trillion phony “infrastructure” bill through reconciliation.

Ingraham argues that the Republicans got played when they agreed to releasing and voting on the bipartisan bill before the ridiculous phony “infrastructure” bill is even written. A sarcastic Cassidy laughed off the notion of Republicans trying to force Pelosi’s hand. Which may explain why Republicans in Congress keep getting rick-rolled by Pelosi. She plays hard ball while they surrender without a fight.

How gullible do Republican Senators like Cassidy have to be to believe Democrats will act in good faith?

Americans should do what most of these Senators aren’t going to do. They should see what’s in this bill. Fortunately, Twitter’s Oilfield Rando does the hard work and combs through these monstrous bills then posts to his website RandoLand an itemized breakdown of what is included in them.

Take the time to read Rando’s report on the first 666 pages of this $1.2 Trillion “bipartisan” bill. In addition to the summary report at RandoLand, Oilfield Rando also has a thread of some of the more disgusting things he found in the bill. Read that HERE.