Laura Ingraham Ends Interview After What Guest Said To Her

( )- Laura Ingraham of Fox News abruptly ended an interview with anti-football activist and author Steve Almond on her program after he brought up a far-afield subject in order to score points.

In light of the cardiac arrest experienced by Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin following a tackle during a game on Monday, Almond appeared on the program to talk about the NFL’s future.

Almond, the author of Against Football: One Fan’s Reluctant Manifesto, asserted that the NFL wouldn’t improve player safety until it feels financial pressure from its supporters.

The Fox News host suddenly ended the interview after the two fought while speaking on her broadcast on Wednesday.

Almond contrasted the pressure that should be applied to the NFL to that experienced by Fox News following Ingraham’s criticism for a tweet ridiculing a Parkland Stoneman Douglas High school shooting survivor in 2018.

Almond said he is focused on the fans, and he essentially believes that no government ban will make football safer, certainly not some “mythic woke mob that you mentioned to try and scare your viewers.”

“I’m not trying to terrify my audience. Football is not about politics,” Ingraham said.

“I believe that is your entire economic model,” Almond retorted moronically. “Your entire business model revolves around terrifying your audience,” the leftist dweeb proclaimed.

Ingraham shouted down her agenda-driven guest and argued that he wanted to outlaw football.

She asserted that there were undoubtedly numerous methods to make a variety of sports, such as baseball and lacrosse, safer.

Underneath it all, she claimed, you appear to believe that football has a past rooted in racism, a glorification of the supporters, and acts of violence.

I don’t know what kind of fan following you will have, but I am saying they are there to enjoy the game, not glorify violence.

“I agree with you, Laura. I don’t think the fans are there to applaud violence,” Almond retorted.

“They observe when someone like Damar Hamlin is almost killed in front of them, and I recall seeing Darryl Stingley become a paraplegic when I was 11 years old. I believe they tolerate the violence,” he said hyperbolically. (Injuries of that nature are rare, and no one likes to see them happen.)

“I didn’t quit watching football, and many fans don’t either since they love it so much and find it to be so exciting,” said the hypocrite.

“There is an economic incentive, which is why people alter their conduct. When you made fun of the Parkland massacre survivor a few years back, you only later apologized after your show’s sponsors stopped supporting you,” the guest said, making a desperate stretch to make a point that was, at best, a catty stretch.