Las Vegas Shooter Blockaded Himself Before Police Got Him In Standoff

A thirty-five-year-old man from Colorado was named as the suspect in Tuesday’s hours-long standoff with police at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, where he threw furniture from the 21st floor. He was also detaining a hostage in his room.

According to prosecutor John Jones, Matthew John Ermond Mannix, a resident of Golden, was convicted of abduction in Colorado (2022) and damaging property (2012). The kidnapping is connected to the fugitive warrant for Mannix.

Jones requested that Mannix’s bail be set at $2 million at a hearing before Justice of the Peace Rebecca Saxe in Las Vegas on Wednesday due to his criminal past and the “extreme violence” he showed during the hotel standoff, which lasted for more than five hours.

As hotel guests fled the area, Mannix is said to have thrown things from the 21st floor, including a coffee maker and a desk, into the pool area. 

During Mannix’s initial court appearance, the Deputy Public Defender, Marissa Pensabene, said she was unsure if her client could post bond.

Saxe ordered bail for Mannix at $750,000, but he will stay in jail in Las Vegas until a hearing on his fugitive warrant on Thursday morning, regardless of whether or not he makes bond.

First-degree kidnapping, damage of property, resisting arrest with a lethal weapon other than a firearm, and coercion by force, were among the allegations against Mannix on Tuesday, although he was not required to enter a plea. In Nevada, a conviction on abduction charges may result in a life sentence for Mannix.

According to the arrest report, if security tried to enter the room Mannix had reportedly forced the woman into, he threatened to shoot them. It is said that he opened and closed the door to the room to mock the police and boast that he had “a magazine full of” bullets.

The lady informed officers through the door that Mannix was carrying a knife. When he finally surrendered hours later, police recovered a knife but no firearms.

Mannix claimed the lady to be his girlfriend, but she has remained anonymous.  The woman claimed to officers she had minor injuries from scaling a fence, including bruises and scratches to her legs and lower belly.

Saxe forbade any communication between them.