Larry Ellison Was On A Phone Call With Sean Hannity To Overturn Election

( )- According to the Washington Post, the CEO of Oracle, billionaire Larry Ellison, participated in a call after the 2020 election in which strategies for contesting the results were discussed.

The November 14, 2020 call included Ellison, Senator Lindsey Graham, Fox News host Sean Hannity, attorney Jay Sekulow, and attorney James Bopp Jr., who represented election integrity group True the Vote.

Details of the phone call emerged in new court filings in the lawsuit brought against True the Vote by the Stacey Abrams-linked PAC “Fair Fight.”

On the night of the phone call, True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht wrote to a donor that her lawyer Jim Bopp had just participated in a call with Sekulow, Graham, Hannity, and Ellison. Englebrecht said Bopp had described the work True the Vote was doing and those on the call asked for a “preliminary report asap” that they could use to “rally their troops internally.”

The Washington Post found an anonymous participant in the call who claimed that Ellison may have been asked to participate to assess the claims being made by Sidney Powell about voting machines at the request of Senator Graham.

So the Washington Post then checked with Senator Graham’s office to find out why Ellison was on the call. Graham’s spokesman Kevin Bishop told the Post that it was probably because Larry Ellison supported former President Trump.

James Bopp, meanwhile, said he couldn’t remember everyone who was involved in the phone call, adding that Jay Sekulow was the one who invited him to participate.

According to Bopp, they discussed whether or not there should be congressional hearings on how the 2020 election was handled. He said was asked if there was evidence that could affect the outcome of the election, “and my opinion was yes.”

The bulk of the Washington Post report, however, is focused on Larry Ellison’s participation. The Post appears to be rather upset that a billionaire would get this deeply involved in political machinations.

Have those idiots never heard of George Soros?

So why focus so much angst over Ellison?

Well, by the end of the Washington Post article, we find out why.

In the final ‘graph, the Post points out that in May Larry Ellison pledged $1 billion to support Elon Musk’s $44 billion bid to take over Twitter.

See what the Washington Post did there?

They link Ellison to Trump’s “Big Lie” and then use that link to smear Elon Musk.