Kim Jong-Un Reviews Images From Spy Satellite

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and towns hosting U.S. military facilities were among the “primary target zones” that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reviewed in photos taken by a NoKo spy satellite, according to state media on Saturday.

Although South Korean military officials and experts have said that the capabilities of the satellite have not been independently confirmed, North Korea, which has nuclear weapons, launched it on Tuesday.

U.S. and South Korean military bases are in Pyeongtaek, Kunsan, Mokpo, and Osan, which Kim studied via photographs. According to official news agency KCNA, the images were captured on Friday morning when the satellite soared over the peninsula. South Korean target locations Jinhae, Busan, Ulsan, Pohang, Daegu, and Gangneung were once again photographed on Saturday by Kim during his visit to the National Aerospace Technology Administration’s (NATA) control center in Pyongyang.

The Carl Vinson (U.S. aircraft carrier) docked in Busan, a port in South Korea, on Tuesday. A picture of the vessel was included in the report.

Kim also looked at satellite images of Hickam Air Force Base and U.S. Naval Station Pearl Harbor that were captured early Saturday morning.

North Korea threatened a worldwide nuclear war in a separate editorial released by KCNA on Saturday, in which it blasted the US for arming its “puppets” with modern weaponry and said that the Korean peninsula posed an existential threat.

It warned that the United States should think about the disastrous outcomes that might result from arming the puppet troops.

During their Friday remarks, senior US, Japanese, and South Korean diplomats “strongly criticized the [Nov. 21] launch for its destabilizing impact on the region,” according to a statement from the US State Department.

Reports surfaced earlier this week from KCNA claiming that Kim saw aerial photographs of American military bases over the Pacific island of Guam.

On Thursday, Shin Won-sik, the defense minister of South Korea, criticized North Korea for “exaggerating” when it claimed that Kim had seen pictures of Guam.