Kim Jong Un Photos Show He’s Brought A New Face Into His Inner Circle

( )- According to NK News analysis of official media photos and video footage, Kim Jong Un looks to have added a new senior assistant recently.

It’s a youthful woman in her 30s or 40s. If so, she may be Kim Jong Un’s mystery half-sister Kim Sol Song, who supposedly remains involved in the party’s leadership behind the scenes.

During four public appearances this month, she was spotted close to Kim, clutching a huge purse and delivering him his speech at a major party event at the end of February.

The available footage did not show her entering or exiting the limousines he was employed for two of Kim’s outings this week.

The assistant has been spotted walking and standing with Kim Yo Jong and senior logistics officer Hyon Song Wol, both deputy directors of the party central committee.
Despite being witnessed delivering Kim his speech in February, Hyon, a former vocalist in the famed Moranbong Band, has seemed to control Kim Jong Un’s activities on all the previous occasions.

She may be carrying stuff the DPRK leader needs at all times, like communication gadgets and medication.

Unification Ministry of South Korea said Kim Jong Un has a 48-year-old half-sister, Kim Sol Song. Her life is shrouded in secrecy, but some North Korean defectors claim she holds high positions inside the party.

In 2018, a defector called No Hui Chang identified an image of Kim Sol Song on the South Korean television show Moranbong Club, saying he had met her in person multiple times.

The photograph depicts Kim Sol Song and Kim Ok, her father’s secretary and suspected mistress, entering the Kumsusan tomb for his funeral service in December 2011.

A member of the Party’s Organization and Guidance Department (OGD), No claimed to be 49 years old and born in 1973. According to him, she is a confirmed “Paektu bloodline” member, a descendant of founding leader Kim Il Sung, and she used to conduct jobs similar to Hyon Song Wol’s currently.

The assistant seen with Kim Jong Un looks like Kim Jong Un’s half-sister Kim Sol Song, although NK News cannot confirm this. Kim Sol Song’s alleged younger sister, Kim Chun Song, is unknown.