Kim Jong Un Even Slimmer As Health Issues Fly

( )- The corpulent little dictator of North Korea isn’t looking so corpulent lately. In recent photos of Kim Jong Un, it is clear that he has lost even more weight that the 44 pounds he dropped earlier this year.

The UK Daily Mail published a video of Kim showing how loosely his boxy Mao suit is hanging off of his body.

Watch it HERE.

In addition to video, the Daily Mail also provided a number of recent photographs showing Kim’s slimmed down frame.

The drastic drop in weight has led some to suspect Kim Jong Un may not be entirely well. At his heaviest, it is believed Kim clocked in at 308 pounds – an alarming amount of extra baggage for a man only five feet, eight inches tall.

In June North Korean state-run television reported that the North Korean people’s hearts were breaking at the sight of Kim’s “emaciated” condition. Ordinarily North Korean state media steers clear of discussing Kim’s private life. Pyongyang hasn’t even confirmed how many children he has.

However, some analysts believe that these forays into reporting on Kim’s weight loss were done deliberately. They suspect that state-run media is using the change in Kim’s weight as a way to reinforce loyalty to the regime during desperate economic times.

The impoverished North Korea has been much more isolated over the last year and a half due to its self-imposed COVID lockdowns. The economy is in terrible shape and the agricultural sector is hard pressed to keep the people fed. Redirecting the focus on Kim’s noticeable weight loss could be an attempt to take the North Korean people’s minds off their own troubles.

However, Kim’s health has been closely watched for quite some time now – in large part because his death and the subsequent question of succession would create chaos and instability within North Korea.

And Kim’s health is cause for concern. He is a heavy smoker whose weight increased significantly over the last few years. The sudden significant drop in weight does nothing to allay concerns that his health is failing.