Kim Jong Un Demands For Sanctions To Be Lifted Before He Will Negotiate With Biden

( )- South Korea just revealed that the communist North Korean dictatorship is refusing to engage in any more negotiations about ending its nuclear weapons program unless economic sanctions on the country are ended. It comes at a time when North Korea faces extreme poverty and hardship all over the country, after shutting down 99% of its trade with neighboring China during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lawmakers in South Korea were briefed by the head of South Korea’s intelligence agency, Park Jie-won, who said that North Korea is demanding that sanctions banning the export of metal and refined fuel to be lifted before reconvening nuclear discussions with the United States.

It’s a move that sounds eerily similar to the demands being made by the Jihadist nation of Iran, whose leaders insist that President Biden lift economic sanctions before they agree to comply with the failed Obama-era Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – or “Iran Nuclear Deal.”

North Korea is also reportedly asking for sanctions on the import of luxury goods to be lifted, allowing the country to import liquors, suits, and other luxury goods. And you know that’s not for the average person in North Korea…it’s presumably for dictator Kim Jong Un, his government officials, and the most privileged people who live in the capital city of Pyongyang.

Ha Tae-keung, a member of South Korea’s parliament who sits on the intelligence committee, said that North Korea is arguing that the United States should allow exports of imports of necessities as well as refined oil.

The demands were revealed during a briefing between South Korean lawmakers and intelligence officials after the two Korean nations restored communication channels last week after a whole year of those channels being closed.

It looks like North Korea is really desperate. Now would be the time for some expert negotiations…but sadly President Donald Trump is no longer available.