Key witness: Jan. 6 panel spent more time asking about Afghan withdrawal than Capitol attack

( )- Former Pentagon chief of staff under the Trump administration, Kash Patel, recently revealed that during his five-hour interrogation by the ultra-partisan House January 6 committee, Democrats spent more time asking him questions about President Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan than the January 6 riot in Washington, D.C.

Speaking to Just The News, Patel explained how one piece of evidence he provided to the committee after being subpoenaed was a detailed timeline of every single step that the Pentagon took to prepare for protests on January 6. He said that the documents showed how the Pentagon made offers to Congress to help contain the anger of the American people and possible protestors and made efforts to deploy National Guard troops during the incident.

But congressional investigators – most of whom are Democrats, and all of whom are anti-Trump ideologues – were apparently not very interested in the timeline he provided. During his five hours of investigations, he said, he answered every single question they asked and that they didn’t even bring up the timeline.

So what was the point?

“I had to submit it to them and the Inspector General…and I was prepared to go in-depth into those documents,” he explained, “and we scarcely spent a minute or two on them in those five hours.”

It kind of proves the entire point that this select committee isn’t interested in the facts about the January 6 riots. If that timeline proved that the federal government worked to stop violence, then it hurts their argument that former President Donald Trump instigated it.

“We spent less time talking about January 6 and more time talking about Afghanistan, Somalia, and other matters,” Kash said.

Telling. Very telling.