Kevin McCarthy Reveals Joe Biden’s “Dirty Little Secret” Involving Terror Watch List

( )- House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy revealed something disturbing about President Joe Biden’s crisis on the southern border recently, telling Breitbart News that illegals are pouring into the United States from 160 different countries.

This is the biggest border crisis in American history.

Speaking to the conservative news outlet, McCarthy said that Biden’s “dirty little secret” that scares him the most is that more drugs are being trafficked over the border than ever before, and people are coming from hundreds of different countries over the border and into the United States. Many of those who successfully enter the country are then granted admission to the United States without a court date set, and many are flown across the country on commercial airlines to sanctuary cities.

“When I was there, I was speaking to a border agent there in El Paso, and he told me they’re seeing more drugs than they’ve ever seen and that they’re catching people on the terrorist watchlist,” he also revealed.

So, we have drug traffickers, human traffickers, and people on the terrorist watchlist being allowed into the United States…and President Joe Biden is doing nothing about it. Some of those on the terrorist watchlist are from Yemen, McCarthy said, before saying that he is fearful that after what happened in Afghanistan, terrorists are coming to the United States to enact revenge.

“This is a real threat to America,” he said.

McCarty also explained that officials know the entrance of terrorists is not an isolated incident given that the two Yemeni terror suspects were caught on separate days. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is still refusing to release any information about suspected terrorists caught at the border.