Kevin McCarthy Makes Insane Excuse For Living With Frank Luntz

( )- In early May, Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed the rather odd news that Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was living with Democrat pollster Frank Luntz in Washington DC.

At the time Tucker broke this story, McCarthy’s spokesperson claimed in a text that “because of the pandemic,” McCarthy had been renting a room from Frank Luntz “at a fair market price” instead of staying in hotel rooms as he usually did.

A couple days later, Tucker revealed that McCarthy was paying Luntz fifteen hundred dollars a month to rent a room in Luntz’s 12-bedroom penthouse apartment.

To recap, McCarthy ordinarily rents hotel rooms when he is in Washington. But because of the pandemic closing hotels, McCarthy instead rented a room in Frank Luntz’s 12-bedroom penthouse apartment for $1,500 a month.

That is how McCarthy’s office explained this rather bizarre “Odd Couple” plot.

But according to a July 1 article in Salon, Kevin McCarthy is giving an entirely different excuse for why he was sharing a penthouse apartment with this anti-Trump, Democrat pollster.

In an interview with former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, Salon reports, McCarthy said that he was living in Luntz’s penthouse to take care of his buddy Frank.

In January 2021 (ten months after the pandemic lockdowns began), McCarthy claims he moved in with Luntz because a year earlier the pollster suffered a stroke while conducting a focus group for the Los Angeles Times.

McCarthy told Kelly that since Luntz doesn’t have any family, he wanted to make sure Frank was going on his walks and taking care of himself. McCarthy admitted to Kelly that he chose to rent a room because he wanted to make sure Luntz was taking his medication.

So he waits a full year after the stroke to make sure Frank is taking his walks and his medication? According to Salon, there is “no clear evidence” that, a year after this stroke, Luntz’s health took a turn for the worse.

Why tell Tucker Carlson one thing and Megyn Kelly another?

Could it be that Kevin McCarthy knows Tucker’s story linking him to an anti-Trump Democrat pollster hurt him politically while exposing his phony embrace of the America First agenda?