Kellyanne Conway Worried Left Is Using Youth To Build “Turnout Machine”

In a recent appearance on Fox News, former White House special advisor Kellyanne Conway raised the alarm over how the Democrats have boosted turnout among younger voters by promoting issues they care about.

During Monday’s “The Ingraham Angle,” host Laura Ingraham and Conway were discussing the White House’s effort to recruit social media influencers to help reach out to younger voters.

Calling it a “smart strategy” to get an aging president like Biden to appeal to young people, Conway warned that the left is gaining too much influence over America’s youth and said Republicans needed to make more of an effort to get young people to move to the right.

Conway said while Republicans may be winning the argument on the economy and education, the party doesn’t have time to wait for young voters to get older or for single voters to get married before finding new voters.

Conway admitted that Republicans have their work cut out for them to appeal to young voters who hold differing positions on issues like abortions, climate change, or gun rights, but added that even with those issues, the Democrat messaging is “usually cynical.”

What primarily concerns her, Conway explained, is that the left will become a “turnout machine with young people.”

Biden partnering with social media influencers is smart because influencers have a “domino effect” for those who want to be “part of the same crowd,” Conway explained. She told Ingraham that if this partnership is successful, Republicans aren’t “doing a great job competing” for young people’s votes.

She said it isn’t enough for Republicans to compete for the hearts and minds of voters, they must also compete for ballots. She added that this is what the White House is trying to do by partnering with social media influencers.

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