Kari Lake Poll Shows Where She Stands

(RoyalPatriot.com )- A recent poll from Arizona could indicate that sentiment may be turning against Senator Kyrsten Sinema ahead of her reelection in 2024, with possible challengers faring much better than the incumbent senator.

Sinema, who has modeled her political career on the “maverick” style of the late Senator John McCain, announced on December 9 that she was switching her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican, but clarified that she wasn’t planning to caucus with the Republicans.

She told CNN’s Jake Tapper that evening that she “never fit neatly into any party box” and she never tried. Sinema explained that registering as an Independent is not only being “true to who I am” but also provides “a space of belonging” for Arizonans who are “tired of partisanship.”

But according to a poll released last week by Normington Petts, in a 3-way match-up that includes Democrat Congressman Ruben Gallego and losing gubernatorial candidate, Republican Lake, Kyrsten Sinema finished last with only 24 percent support while Gallego and Lake tied at 36 percent.

Normington also offered a 3-way poll between Sinema, Gallego, and former Republican Governor Doug Ducey. Once again, Senator Sinema polled in last place with only 27 percent while Gallego topped the field with 37 percent and Ducey came in second with 31 percent.

When asked to choose between the Democrat Gallego and Republican Lake in a hypothetical head-to-head, 50 percent chose Gallego while only 45 percent chose Lake.

The poll, conducted by a Democrat polling outfit on behalf of anti-Sinema Leftist groups, also gauged the favorability of the four potential 2024 senate candidates.

Kyrsten Sinema’s favorable rating was 13 points underwater with only 28 percent favorable and 41 percent unfavorable.

A solid 50 percent of respondents have an unfavorable opinion of Republican Kari Lake while only 35 percent view her favorably.

Former Governor Ducey’s favorable rating was equally abysmal, with 48 percent unfavorable and only 28 percent favorable.

Congressman Gallego was the only one to earn a net favorability. However, without the name recognition of the others, his favorable rating was only 25 percent while his unfavorable rating was only 17 percent.