Kamala Harris Will Visit Arizona, But Refuses To Visit Border

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Last Thursday, the vice president took a trip down to Arizona, but she was there to celebrate a groundbreaking ceremony and decided not to visit the state’s southern border with Mexico.

Kamala Harris, who was put in charge of the migrant crisis by President Joe Biden, tried to defend her decision to not visit the border, even though she was in a border state.

Harris appeared in Tonopah, a town roughly 100 miles from the southern border. That distance shouldn’t have been an issue, though, especially considering she traveled 2,350 miles to get there from Washington, D.C.

The vice president was in town to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony for a transmission line that’s 125 miles long and that will deliver both solar and wind energy to businesses and homes in the region.

Speaking with KPHO, a local news station in Arizona, Harris tried to explain why she wouldn’t be visiting the border, despite it being under her direct purview. She said:

“I am here to talk about what we are doing around bringing down the cost to American families and creating jobs. Let me say on the border that it is one of our highest priorities to continue to work on making sure that the border is secure and that we also do what is necessary to have a fair and humane system.

“Frankly, Congress needs to act. We’ve put an historic number of agents on the border. We have upgraded and are in the process of upgrading technology. But, Congress needs to act.”

Yet again, Harris tried to pass the buck, and the blame, onto Congress, rather than taking it on her shoulders to do something about the major issue that her boss put her in charge of.

Toward the beginning of his time in the White House, Biden appointed Harris as the lead of the country’s investigation into the root causes of the migration crisis that has overwhelmed multiple border states since he took office. Despite that, Harris has visited the border just one in the last two years.

She tried to beef up her position with KPHO, saying during her interview:

“I visited the border. I will not on this trip, but I have, and I will again.”

There was no word from Harris’ office on if she had future plans in place already to visit the border.

Two different times, Harris has taken a trip to Latin American countries to meet with foreign leaders from countries where a majority of the migrants have come from. Those meetings haven’t produced anything substantial to this point, though.

The Los Angeles Times has produced a tracker of all scheduled meetings and events for Harris since her time in office. It found that she’s had a total of 20 events revolving around immigration while she’s been vice president. But, only three of those events came last year, with 17 of them happening in 2021.

So, while Harris continues to say immigration is a major priority of her and the Biden administration as a whole, her actions and appearances suggest otherwise.