Kamala Harris Rejects Polls That Show Her Unpopularity

As Vice President Kamala Harris faces approval ratings lower than any other vice president before, she does not appear to accept it, according to The Daily Wire. When ABC reporter Lindsey Davis asked her asked about how “race and gender” play into the fact that Harris is not liked by most Americans, Harris countered by saying that there are polls that suggest otherwise.  

Harris’ disapproval rating has consistently stayed ahead of her approval according to several polls. In the latest FiveThirtyEight August poll, over 52 percent of Americans disapprove. This follows Joe Biden’s dismal approval ratings as he campaigns for 2024. 


Without naming an outlet that published a survey that shows Harris with some favorability among voters, she continued to say that the polls are a “distraction” to the accomplishments of the administration. She then touted the 13 million jobs that the administration takes credit for creating without acknowledging that people were just getting back to the jobs they lost as a result of government-imposed lockdowns. 

She added that Biden and herself are also responsible for “restoring integrity” on the world stage. That remark comes as the war between Ukraine and Russia rages on and as Putin moves nuclear warheads in Belarus, saying that he is not doing anything that the United States has not already done. 


Harris’ interview comes as Biden struggles to gain favor with Americans. The low approval is reportedly a concern for Democrats as he seeks his second term. The president has stayed in the low 40s for approval while more than 50 percent of respondents have expressed disapproval of the job he is doing, according to FiveThirtyEight.  

But the former president is also experiencing the same trouble. Although most Republican voters may help him cinch the nomination, over around 56 percent of Americans do not have a favorable view of him.